Project Overview

During my 8 month co-op term, I worked with the UX Team in developing and improving existing Alcatel-Lucent software products. Our goal was to make the software the most usable by helping the users achieve their goals and perform their specified tasks effectively, efficiently, and accurately. I was fortunate enough to work here during the time they were moving some of their Java applications to HTML5 for web and mobile applications. This gave me the opportunity to work on a lot of conceptual UI designs for many of their interesting products.


  • Style guides
  • Wireframing & UI workflows
  • Visual mock-ups
  • UI skinning / Front-end development
  • Icon design & Product graphics

Browser-Based Applications

Alcatel-Lucent bringing their Java-based software into the browser meant that we were able to start building a number of their applications from the ground up. So instead of figuring how we were going to implement a new feature into a product that was already 10+ years old, myself and the UX team were able to offer a whole new user experience by focusing on and designing around how users would interact with an entirely new interface.

GUI Designs & Implementation

The majority of my time at Alcatel-Lucent was spent working on conceptual work on the new GUI's look & feel. Since we were starting from scratch, I was given the freedom to experiment and play around with concepts and designs that would've be considered too radical. After coming up with a number of concepts, I skinned and implemented some of them into a GUI framework using HTML, CSS, & Javascript.

  • Application Screenshot
  • Application Screenshot
  • Application Screenshot
  • Application Screenshot


I also created a series of icons for a number of their different applications, ranging from vector-based icons to 64x64 and 16x16 pixel-based icons.

Icon set
Icon set

Note: Due to a non-disclosure agreement signed with Alcatel Lucent, I am unable to showcase all of the work I have completed.