Go Green Landscaping

Project Overview

A brand identity and online presence created for a local business in British Columbia. Go Green Landscaping is a family-owned, Vancouver-based landscaping and lawn maintenance company that offers services for residential and commercial sites. My client was looking for a radical rebranding of his company to something more modern.

The Brand

Go Green Landscaping is committed to providing exceptional quality worksmanship, and we wanted the logo to convey the same message. The concept is a perfectly trimmed letter G that highlights their attention to detail. The company logo was designed to be used for business cards, invoices, and vehicle decals.

  • Logo on White
  • Logo on Image
  • Logo on White
  • Logo on Image

Website Design

The goal was to have the website design further reinforce the brand that was established in the logo. If the website was Go Green Landscaping's front yard, we wanted the grass to be green, all of the edges to be straight, and everything trimmed to perfection.

Website on Desktop Monitor


Website Sketches


We started off by creating a list of tasks that users would possibly use the website for. For each of the tasks, a series of sketches were generated to illustrate how the user may complete the task.

Website Wireframe


After establishing what actions the user must perform and how they would interact with what is displayed, sets of wireframes were created to illustrate how these specific tasks would be performed on different devices.

Website Code


I focused mainly on design and front-end development, and worked with a colleague who specializes in back-end programming to implement some of the features on the website.

Fully Responsive

All of the pages were coded to work across all devices and different screen sizes.

Website on Desktop Monitor