Hi, I'm David.

Web & User Interface Designer

I've always been fascinated by design, colors, and interaction. Visual design is what I like to focus on, but because of my UX background, I understand that it takes more than pretty graphics to make a great user experience. It can be a complex process, but I enjoy taking on these challenges and finding possible solutions through simple and elegant interface designs.

I'm currently working at Best Buy Canada where I dedicate my time and effort to creating high-level digital experiences. It's a place where I can learn, collaborate, and continue to evolve as a designer.

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Areas of Design

  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Graphic & Print Design
  • 3D Rendering & CGI

Tools of the Trade

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sketch & inVision
  • HTML, CSS & jQuery
  • Wordpress
  • Autodesk Maya


Want to get in touch? Just drop me a message