Best Buy Canada


Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest retailers, operating the Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad brands. As a Digital Experience Designer, I’m responsible for crafting the customer-facing experience on across all of their digital platforms.

Working in an agile work environment with UX Architects, Product Owners, Business Specialists, and Developers, I have the opportunity to strategize and deliver high-quality design solutions that also meet Ecommerce business objectives.


  • Strategize and create high-quality designs
  • Solve problems from a merchandising perspective
  • Communicate ideas, concepts, and design work to other teams & stakeholders
  • Set design standards and initiates visual improvements
  • Ensure all teams are aligned on global objectives

Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday tradition has exploded since it has been adopted in Canada. Being one of Canada’s largest online retailers, Best Buy strives to offer the best online shopping experience for its customers.


  • How do we funnel the customers into the categories that they're interested in?
  • Are we effectively showcasing the hottest deals?
  • Is the experience consistent across the entire website?
Black Friday Homepage

User flow

Working alongside the Retail UX team, we were able to frame the entire shopping experience from start to finish. We identified the purpose of each page along the path, and built a consistent experience for every single touchpoint.

  • Category Hub

    Category Hub

  • Intermediary Page

    Intermediary Page

  • Product Listing Page

    Product Listing Page

Mobile Experience

With the launch of's new mobile website and iPhone/Android apps in 2017, we had to ensure that the Black Friday Sale experience was consistent and optimized across all digital platforms.

With 57% of Best Buy's online customers visiting the website on a mobile device (and growing), we are gradually shifting towards a mobile-first approach.

E3 2017

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the world's premier event for anything video game related. This three-day event is where ground-breaking technologies and products are showcased, and connects thousands of the best and brightest from leading-edge companies in the entertainment industry.

Best Buy has a dedicated E3 landing page that aims to educate customers on these innovative products as they are announced, and how they can get their hands on these new products.

E3 Landing Page

Vendor Partnerships

By working with Business and Marketing Specialists, the team was able able to lock in hundreds of thousands of dollars in vendor funding. This funding paid for branded takeovers on the E3 Hub at different times during the event, which resulted in fresh and interesting content.

  • Sony Playstation
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Nintendo